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5 definitions by Stonecartier

the act of using an Ipad to view porn and masturbate.
Jimmy was so horny, he snuck into the upstairs bathroom and Padsturbated.
by Stonecartier July 08, 2011
When u keep exercising and eating right, but the scale won't show anything gained or lost.
This sucks. I've been in a scalemate for 3 weeks now. I should have lost 5 lbs the way I'm tearing it up eating right and running every day.
by Stonecartier October 13, 2013
The result of eating spicy mexican food.
Dude, I ate at the mexican cantina yesterday, and now I have the Flaming Jorge's...
by Stonecartier August 23, 2011
the act of one of your standard bootycalls contacting you in a panic to have sex
Jeff was surprised when Lucy showed up at his door at 245am for a frantic Reverse 911 Bootycall
by Stonecartier July 19, 2011
When you download 2 similar Apps and they have conflicting information.
What the hell? One says 3/4 cup and the other says 1 1/2 cups sugar. This lameass app gap is gonna ruin my chocolate bouchons!
by Stonecartier August 31, 2011