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May/December relationship refers to a relationship between two people where one partner is in the "winter" of their life (old) and the other partner in the relationship is in the "spring" of their life (young). This can go either way such as the woman is older or the man is older. Being a nonspecific term, it encompasses the concept of slang words like cougar or lech (which is offensive if used on couples who are serious). This term is also tied to concepts such as "robbing the cradle."

May/December relationships can either be superficial or serious - so the term doesn't itself say anything about the status of the relationship.

Basically any kind of involved relationship where there is a substantial age difference between the two people and the relationship does not consist of either partner being considered legally underage (which is commonly known as pedophilia which is something else entirely).
1. Connor is 52 but his girlfriend Debbie is 25; therefore they are in a May/December relationship.

2. Lynda is 48 yrs old but she's a total cougar cus she's dating a 22 yr old boy named Devon; they have a May December relationship.

3. Mr.Smith is 50 and Mrs.Smith is 26. They have been married for 2 years and are in a May/December relationship.
by Stone Black Fox January 25, 2012
1. Amo Sponge: Typically the guy who has atleast a 1 kill to 100 deaths ratio for various reasons in a video game.
A. he's a n00b
B. he screwed up his controller and can't shoot.
C. he's the @hole ever1 hates but loves to shoot at.

2. The Amo Sponge typically is used for target practice when let loose in the world of video gaming. It's also not uncommon for the amo sponge to be fed generous amounts of "tea bag" in one round.
A. "No matter where 'Player X' went the buckshot seemed to fallow. There for 'Player X' is the Amo Sponge."

B. End of game score for 'Player X' is 1 kill to 100 death ratio."

C. A video gamer who absorbs amo or "amunition" like a sponge to water.

D.See definition of "n00b"
by Stone Black Fox October 02, 2008

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