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The loathed act of being killed by the over-powered Model 1887 shotgun in Modern Warfare 2, most notably in Akimbo form.
I swear to god if I get modeled one more time I'm never playing Modern Warfare 2 again!
by SToleniPOD December 28, 2009
Being eliminated from The Amazing Race by the host Phil Keoghan for being the last team to arrive at a pit stop.
Jane and Doe, you are the last team to arrive. I am sorry to tell you that you have both been Philiminated from the race.
by StoleniPod May 31, 2011
The unofficial name for the biggest pennant-chase collapse in MLB history - when the Philadelphia Phillies, ahead by 6.5 games with 12 games left to play in the 1964 season, proceeded to lose 10 straight games and ultimately end up in third place, therefore missing thew World Series that they were destined to make.

"Phold" comes from the portmanteau of Phillies and the word Fold.
When talking about notable collapses, there was obviously the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, as well as the Phold of 1964 and the Mets collapse in 2007.
by StoleniPod February 08, 2011
The day that occurs 363-364 times a year... on every day that is not Mother's or Father's Day.
Hey Mom, when is Children's Day? EVERY DAY is Children's Day... are you kidding?
by StoleniPod May 02, 2011
A school bus transporting high school students. While it's customary from elementary and middle school students to ride the bus to and from school, a high school student is a "loser" if they aren't driving, getting rides with friends or doing after-school activities.
Wow, look at that loser cruiser going by with just one teenager on it sitting in the front!
by SToleniPOD February 26, 2010
A derogatory "game" that's played against a creepy person, where everyone in the hallway tries to see how quickly they can escape from him.
Yell "Pineapples" - that kid no one likes is coming down the hall!
by SToleniPOD November 01, 2010

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