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In the context of the song "Boom" by Flight of the Conchords, it can quite literally mean anything.

While this is true, in many cases it seems to equate to a euphemism for sex/something related to sex.
-I wanna boom like it's never been done.
-It's the first day of boom and the flowers are blooming.
-I see you shakin' that boom, boom. See you lookin' at my boom, boom. See you want some boom, boom. It's clear it's boom time, boom, boom!
-You like boom. I like boom. Enough small boom, let's boom -de-boom-ah.
-He said he had his boom chopped off in a boom, but the crazy boom still wants to boom!
-We both get freaky and the boom gets leaky, then we boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

^All of the above are lines from the song
by Stoirm May 24, 2011

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