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The anal region. Holiday hot spot for many a poo pirate.
"AAH-HAR! Climb aboard me galleon me hearty and let us set sail for the murky waters of poo bay!"
by Stockers August 25, 2003
The growth of the front lower abdomen experienced by some middle-aged women. Sometimes mistaken for smuggled meat products under thieving womens' dresses in supermarkets and convenience stores.
"I must have put on weight because I can't seem to fit into my wedding dress anymore....but then again I didn't have my fanny bulge all those years ago!"
by Stockers August 25, 2003
The anal sphincter.
"Martha and I have been courting for nearly 18 monthes now Mother. But she has not yet allowed me to stretch her shit snipper - is that a bad sign?"
by Stockers August 25, 2003
Female genitalia that has become enlarged and wrinkled to the point that it resembles two select slices of donar meat.
"You are a fine young man! Wanna chew on my kebab?"
by Stockers August 25, 2003
Affectionate term for one's lady.
"Allo Tiny, I like a bitta puss. Now put ya knickers on and make me a cuppa tea!"
by Stockers August 28, 2003
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