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To have a half erect penis.
Riding a semi is often used in public to tell someone without revealing it to everyone.
Dude, I'm riding a semi right now.

So at the party I was grinding on this chick, but I started to ride a semi and had to get out of there quick.
#half boner #half chub #boner #halfsie #erection
by Stoan October 23, 2008
The biggest douche ever.
The movie wedding crashers use papaganouche, totally different from poppagadouche
Papa is like the head dog, and papagadouche is the head dog of douches
Dude, he is such a papagadouche
You see that guy over there, total papagadouche
#fag #douche #fuck face #ass #fucker
by Stoan October 19, 2006
Verb. Another word for intercourse. You use meat because it is so suttle and no one catches it.
Hey, you trying to meat for lunch?
Hey, I want to meat some hot people.
#synonyms: intercourse #fucking #doing the do #sex #it
by Stoan September 27, 2006
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