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A stinky, sunflower seed-filled dookie that comes out feeling like you're passing a pinecone (against the grain) with needles stuck in it.
Check out the groel I left in your toilet. (Sorry about the blood.)
by Stizzle Pavizzle September 30, 2003
The nickname for that friend of yours who comes to your crib with a passed out bitch and a 12-pack of tall boys who can't finish sentences, spills all over your new rug, and pukes in your crisper.
"Dude, the party was going swimmingly until Slurry McNospeak showed up. He wiped his hands on my sister and humped all my towels."

"Check it out, Slurry McNospeak is getting naked on then roof (again)."
by Stizzle Pavizzle October 08, 2003

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