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Steven Mel Kim Dylan.


The coolest ICP people on the streets mang.
Definately cool people, no doubt about it..
SMKD often Stiz5
SMKD in the hizzay niggers, ya'll best recognise us ICP mofo's!
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007
To stay up all night.
To pull an all nighter.
To not sleep for more than 24 hours.

Most commonly to stay out all night with the mangs having a good time.
Dylan: Hey what are you doing tonight?
Mang: Stiz5
Dylan: YEAH!!!!!!!
Mang: Definately.
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007
A close friend.
A man.
A person with whom you are conversing.
A Cool Person.
A person with whom you would Stiz5
Dylan: Hey mang.
Hayden: Beer me mang.
Dylan: No problem mang.
Hayden: You crashed my car mang.
Dylan: I know i'll pay for it.
Hayden: When?
Dylan: When my eyebrow grows back mang.
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007
ICP - short for Insane Clown Posse.

When something is rather great, more amazing then great it then becomes ICP.

When a person preforms a great act, nay an amazing act of any kind they are ICP.

Used by the Armadale mangs.
Dylan: Did you hear about the other night mang?
Mang: No what happened?
Dylan: We got heaps of free #2's and I burnt down MacDonalds.
Mang: Sounds ICP.
Dylan: Definately ICP, no doubt about it mang.
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007

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