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Noun: A condition achieved when a woman has the good sense to remove the beard from her clam thus allowing a more pleasurable experience for both her and her partner.
I hooked up with two girls last night, the first had a damn wookie living in her panties, the second had a shiny giny; I much prefered the latter to the former.
#pussy #pubes #bearded clam #hairy hatchet wound #baby hole
by Stitecin and Kangarine October 29, 2006
Verb: A child abuse strategy employing a phone book as a "protective" pad between the victim and a wrench. When used the phone book technique will result in severe internal injuries which don't photograph well, and are therefore less likely to be used against you in court. The over-all result is a more grievous and a more private injury.
I'm pretty drunk, but I still don't want to go back to jail. I guess I'll have to phone book my redheaded step kids.
#child abuse #ginga #parenting #interrogation #wrenching
by Stitecin and Kangarine October 29, 2006
Verb: The act of doing a shit while on a toilet facing the wrong way with the intention of creating a mess when the shit slides down the front of the toilet.
After I lost all my money at the casino I got some revenge by going reverse daffy in the lobby shitter.


I arrived at the party and was shocked to see that a ginga had been invited so I pulled a reverse daffy and went home.
#upper deck #reverse kanga #ginga #shit #poop
by Stitecin and Kangarine October 29, 2006
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