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Pop music from Japan, many cute Japanese girls are Jpop 'idols'.
Most kids who listen to Jpop are the same kids who get excited when they see a Japanese person, or use the word "Hai!!! or "Arigato!" and use Japanese names as screen names.
Some Jpop is pretty good.. you should check out Mika Nakishima.
by Stitches October 04, 2004
A form of Japanese music that focuses heavily on a very ugly drag queen-esque look. Many vk fans may call this "Gothic" and the music "rock".
Fans usually are females who love the look of the band members, so they like the music. Many VK bands sound the same.
Some VK bands are Duel Jewel, Malice Mizer, Psycho Le Mu, BLOOD.
The only good vk band is Dir En Grey, and that's because they no longer look like tranvestites.
That 38 year old woman only likes visual kei because she thinks the guys are hot. >:(
by Stitches October 04, 2004
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