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The best internet game ever. Free, fun, exciting, and just plain awesome.
Wulfram is the best ever!!
by Stinky1 December 30, 2003
A large cigar shaped plasma shell, fired from the tank, can be shot down and can travel 2000m.
Jump puls etteeem noobs o i am l33t
by Stinky1 December 30, 2003
The primary bulk of the Wulfram fighting force. Primary weapon is the autocannon. Secondary weapon is the pulse shell which travels up to 2000m. Heavier than the scout. Can carry link and cargo.
weeeeeeee fun
by Stinky1 December 30, 2003
The main weapon of a Tank. The scout has a smaller, less powerful version. Fires 12.5 rounds a second through the 1 barreled gun.
boom boom booooom
by Stinky1 December 30, 2003
Some fool who only uses missles, and has no skill with AC or pulse! Stupid monkeys.....
I hate monkeys!
by Stinky1 December 30, 2003
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