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acronym for M.other I.'d L.ike to F.uck.

In other words, a hot woman with kids. But a misconception with Milfs is that they don't necessarily have to be mothers. The Milf is also a fetish of good looking older/middle aged women generally in their mid 30's to mid 40's, but don't necessarily have to be mothers. The reason for the fetish is that they are very sexually experienced, but at the same time, not old and dried up, still some pussy juice left in the tank if you will.
Jew Guy: Sara Palin is a milf!

Jew Guy 2: True nuff, she has 2 kids right?

Jew Guy: I don't know, I know she has at least one, but even if she didn't have any, she'd still be qualified as a milf.

Jew Guy 2: Hey dumb a**, MILF stands for MOTHER I'd like to FUCK!! Not Woman I'd like to fuck, you dirty kike.

Jew Guy: Listen here you dreidle spinning menorah lighting yeast eating jewish SOB, let me educate you. a hot mother would be considered a milf of course, but milfs don't have to be mothers to be milfs. They have to be in the general age range of a housewife, mid 30's to mid 40's, sometimes into the early 50's if the bitch has enough botox.

Jew Guy 2: You're still a jew...
by Stinkmeanor561 December 11, 2008

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