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3 definitions by Stingo!

(verb) To investigate a situation looking for a problem, and if there is one, to fix it.
Hey Rubin, why not infixtigate that bug where entering a Mexican Standoff while performing a shotgun barrage breaks the standoff event.
by Stingo! December 14, 2006
(noun) Unpredicted gusts that make sailing small craft challenging. Commonly known as "motherfuckin' Gustafson gusties".
Try not to capsize your Holder 14 out in those mutherfuckin' Gustafson Gusties!
by Stingo! May 27, 2010
(noun) Work lunch outing where only programmers are invited.
Let's see if Rubin is available for plunch at Riverview.
by Stingo! August 30, 2012