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Someone who may think he can do the job of a Door Supervisor but can't and won't and is happy to leave the other doorstaff on his team to deal with an incident, providing them with no help whatsoever, sometimes you may see a jacketfiller run away and hide in the toilets.

These people can also be seen picking on customers alot smaller than themselves and usually alot younger and nieve so they can intimidate them and make themselves feel like they are 'The Man'.

These members of the Door Staff are hated by the other Door Staff and they are soon weeded out.

There is no room on the door for pussies like these people.
Man 1 : ''That doorman didn't do anything to help you lot in that fight mate!''

Doorman : ''I know, he's a bloody jacketfiller, useless git''
by Stingnads March 01, 2006

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