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Used in street racing. It means to be cheated out of a race or the opponent purposefully slowing down so the margin of victory seems smaller then it actually was.
That guy was sand bagging me so bad, dude!
#cheating #letting off #pedalling #balls to da walls #balls out #sand-bagging #race #pink slips #slowing down
by Stik E March 06, 2007
the act of throwing a small piece of something into a girl's bra when she is wearing a low cut shirt.
A common game played among friends.
I shot 60% in brasketball today. Andrea didn't know what was going on.
#low cut #shot percentage #brasket ball #game #basketball
by Stik E November 12, 2007
The moment when a guy starts peeing, two (or more) paths of urine come out of a dude's penis, until finally rejoining into one path as a result of a urine elixer.
Guy: I had to pee so bad, but I had a fork in the pee and went on the floor.
#pee #urine #guy #all over #missing #on the seat
by Stik E June 13, 2009
Occures after a fork in the pee, when the streams reconnect in a spiral formation before becoming one continuous stream.
Dude, my urine elixer was so big!
#spiral #fork in the pee #urine #pee #cyclone #reconnection
by Stik E June 13, 2009
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