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The meaning of the phrase 'Stiffie Time' comes mainly from the word stiffie.
Any time a man (or woman for that fact) is a little over-excited, it's a stiffie time.
Stiffie Time can also mean: Hard, or constantly horny.
1.) "Man, these beers are giving me a STIFFIE TIME right now!!"
2.) It's 'Stiffie Time' I think we should mate in that closet over there.
3.) "Don't hit that dude over there during 'Stiffie Time' he'll fuck you up!"
4.) What time is it? STIFFIE TIME!!!
by Stiffie Steve August 07, 2005
Pink Thing, also known as a Red Rocket, is a pink lipstick shaped cock found on a number of animals but particularly dogs. This term is perfect for describing people who are excited or sexually stimulated.
"You're not going to get any pussy. You're just like a dog with the pink thing hangin' out."
"Hey I'm bored, lets give the dog a rub and make the pink thing come out..."
by Stiffie Steve May 30, 2008
Someone with a cock so small that they could actually have vaginal sex with a rat or any small rodent and not make them bleed.
Kayne's pee pee is so tiny i bet he couldn't even satisfy the rats that live in his roof... What a Rat Rooter.
by Stiffie Steve April 23, 2007

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