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A female on facebook who appears hot in the photo, but in real life is a dissapointment.
Bro # 1: "Dude look at this girl, she is gorgeous."
Bro # 2: "Nah Bro, she is a facebook flop. She is in my biology lab and she is gross."
by Sticky Swine November 29, 2005
To shit on a person's chest and wrap them in saran wrap.
Yo, that girl last night was a huge freak, I tried a B.O.C. Special and I didn't have enough saran wrap to finish the job
by Sticky Swine September 09, 2005
The bro way to say yes
Bro # 1: Should I get a case of budweiser for later?
Bro # 2: Yates, Yates, Yates
by Sticky Swine May 24, 2007
The bro way to say no
Bro # 1: Yo bro, you want to get a sixer of natty light?
Bro # 2: Nates bro, I got a case of budweiser in the fridge
by Sticky Swine May 24, 2007
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