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3 definitions by Sticky Fingered Pete

The smearing of one’s own excrement onto the top lip of another.
Mark cupped a fart and made me smell it, so later, when he wasn’t looking, I shoved a finger up my arse and gave him a great looking bobtash.
by Sticky Fingered Pete July 27, 2011
To look at pictures of pussy on the internet.
John: "Hey man, I'm headed out, you wanna come?"
Mike: "No thanks dude, I'm poonsurfing but can you pick me up some kleenex while you're out?"
by Sticky Fingered Pete August 12, 2010
A large gathering of hot women.
On entering the club Mike stopped and took in the view.

John: "Hey man, lets get to the bar."
Mike: "In a minute dude, i'm just taking in the poonvista"
by Sticky Fingered Pete August 12, 2010