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1 definition by Sticky (AIM)---> stickiinwet

(n)1. Prison Rapist,
(n)2. A man addicted to sex
1. No synonyms/antonyms
"I was in Dayday's cell last night, n i ripped dat niggas ass wide open, he was cryin..i said nigga im da booty bandit n ima get yo ass again."

2. Synonyms: Man-Whore, Playa, Pimp
Antonyms: Square, Monogomist
"Man, dis broad Naenae had a fat ass, I was hittin it like daaaaaaaamn just watchin it jiggle....then I went to Kiki's n got some head."

by Sticky (AIM)---> stickiinwet December 23, 2008