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5 definitions by Sticks

1. To be severely owned.
2. Having your arse kicked badly.
3. Slapped down like an insignificant piece of shit.
1. I sucked so much in that game I got BAMMED.
2. You're such a victim dude - we bammed you!
3. "You're a poofwagon homobobo asschomper" "BAMMED!!"
by Sticks May 28, 2004
Synonymous with crap.
Something that won't go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of it.
iii) Something immune to subtle hints to get stuffed.
i) "You scared the mazzanet out of me!"
ii) "It keeps turning up like a mazzanet."
iii) "It was just like a mazzanet, wouldn't go away no matter what I said."
by Sticks May 25, 2003
v. The act of breaking a glass upon the head of, or inserting a broken glass into the body of, another individual, usu. in a bar or nightclub and involving a lot of alcohol, somebody else's girlfriend or untoward eye contact.
I've nearly finished my drink, so if that prick winks at my lady again, I'm going to glass 'im.
by sticks May 21, 2004
Someone who can't tell his hands from his feet; Jeremy Drechsler.
Goo, are you a monkey?
by Sticks May 25, 2003
The Communist Party of the United States of America. Wanting to impliment a Communist economy and society today!

Always the party that gets neg 0% of the vote on election day, right next to the greenies, Constitutionalists, and Socialists.
"Holyefuckin'shit teh CP is in town and they're handing out hammer and sickle bumper stickers!"
"Go back to Russia you Bolshevik red-head fucks!"
by Sticks January 26, 2005