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v. A term used to describe a female who is currently using a tampon.
Hey girl, you corkin'?

Man, I wouldn't mess with Lisa right now. I think she's corkin'.
by Stickboy142 April 24, 2011
Describing something as being against a stereotype that has been attributed to your ethnicity, almost as if the stereotype in question was a true and vital part of your culture.
Jarquikas - "Hey man, wanna' go grab some fried chicken?"
Drontorius - "Nah nigga'. I don't even like chicken."
Flabquashio - "That ain't right! You is unethnical."

Brodrikus - "Hello sir. Would you care for some Kool-Aid?"
Dontiquo - "Man why you be talkin' all clean and shit? That's unethnical. But yeah nigga' I want some Kool-Aid."
by Stickboy142 June 24, 2011
n. A text sent to a friend whom you are about to visit, alerting them prior to your arrival.
Phil - "Hey guys, we're about to go to Joe's house."
Zeek - "Does Joe know this, or are we just going to show up?"
Phil - "Yeah he knows. I sent him a preemptive text."

Jason - "Wanna' go to Steve's?"
Ralph - "Sure, but let him know or he won't answer the door."
Jason - "One preemptive text, coming up!"
by Stickboy142 August 11, 2011
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