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Show lasting one year-given an undeserved axe despite having had some of the most memorable and relateable characters.
Dared to be different unlike some of the Dawson's Creek fare airing at the time.
Fan: Hey, have you heard of My So-Called Life?
Person: ZOMG, that show is gay.
Fan: No really it's a good show.....Jared Leto was in it.
Person: Oh, he's so hot!
Fan: *facepalm*
by Stick92 March 31, 2009
1) Where all the kids who don't go to college on dady's money go.

2) Community college where kids get their start, then transfer over to another school after two years.
Kid A- Hey, did you hear that awesome radio show?

Kid B- Of yeah, from Camden County College. That was great.
by Stick92 June 13, 2009
South Jersey's answer to 7-11, Stucky's and Circle K. They're only found around Jersey because everything needs to be close in order for it to be fresh that day.
Named "Wa Wa" for the "Speedy Goose" that canbe found every store's sign.

They're a large part of South Jersey's culture.
After the long road trip, he was overjoyed at seeing the first Wa Wa's start popping up.
by Stick92 July 10, 2009
Nickname for Wildwood, NJ.
So named because, off all the Jersey Shores, this is the most geared toward kids with all the rides and arcades.
Person A: Hey, why don't we go down to Wildwood this weekend?

Person B: Childwood? No way. Let's go to Strathmere.

Person A: Where the hell is Strathmere?
by Stick92 August 27, 2009
The large space found behind the last row of seats. (Commonly seen in older station wagons.)

While seen as storage space for the vast population, it makes for the perfect seating area for the young and young at heart.
Children: "Mom, please! Can we sit in the very very back?"
Mother: "Of course, you can."

*Children then proceed to roll around with each turn and bump, throwing caution and seat belts to the wind.*
by Stick92 November 07, 2009
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