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When having anal sex with a female right before ejaculation grab her hair tight and yell out her sisters name. If she does not have a sister her mothers, best friends, or daughters name will do. Then hold on tight for the ride.
I gave Becca an Australian cowboy last night and stayed on almost eight seconds.
by stewb March 18, 2014
Metal Climbing Frame, a style of music that was the cornerstone of early 1990 life at college in North West England. Characterised by songs written 'on the fly' and about difficult teachings at that time, it is also used in conversation to describe situations similar to those described in typical college music lyrics.
Your talking MCF mate, like "Ken, he's got a party sausage and two olives"
"He's a rock climber that can't climb any rocks", that's MCF to you and me
by StewB March 20, 2008

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