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The biggest idiots on the planet. They pretend to be geeks or nerds to be cool.
You see, if you're like me, you've been called a nerd or a geek your whole life. Then you see these jackasses walking along, speaking in 1337 in REAL LIFE like idiots, using terms like "uber" and "w00t," professing how much of a nerd they are. They have tons of friends and everyone seems to like them.
Meanwhile, you and your lonely, virgin for life friends sit watching in disgust, wondering why someone would WANT to be a nerd.
Why would someone want to be like you and your friends, talking too loud or too quiet, being socially awkward, and being the only people you know who have never touched a girl? Are people stupid?

The answer is a definite yes.
Fake nerds: "lol uber w00t! I know how to go to MySpace at school! It's easy, you just open command prompt, type tracert myspace.com, wait, and then copy the IP into the address bar! I'm such a nerd, I'm sorry!"

Real nerds: "I'm going to die alone."
by Stevuph O'Jimsen August 11, 2009
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