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People from 16 to 29 who listen to indie music. They are cool people, careless about what other chavs and scums thing about them. Usually they are smart, they wear cool stuff, they have a nice hair cut and they are different, different is the right word. Most choices that they do is the right one. They don't like chavs, emo kids and metal. They usually have an ipod full of songs of the Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Belle and Sebastian and stuff like that. They do not wear rbk cos it's too chaving. Being indie is being what everyone wish to be, but they cannot. The reason? You're born indie or you can become an indie kid if another indie lad shows you the way.
Indie Kid: Hey mate, do you know about the Arctic Monkeys?
Chav,emo or tard: African monkeys? Yes they are those small and funny creatures
Indie Kid: Because of tards like you this country is falling down
by Stevooooo February 17, 2007
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