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MMORPG Anarchy Online
by stevo July 03, 2003
when someboody asks you a question and you are either to stoned or your mind is to mangled to respond respectively!
i) man whats wrong with you?
i) hey shit head are you listening?

ii) Neeeeer
by STEVO November 28, 2004
To fart extremely loudly, or with an abundance of odor.

Of course this is in reference to the 1945 atom bomb. Can also he used with Hiroshima, depending on mood.
Dude, I just dropped a Nagasaki!
by stevo February 04, 2005
VERY ugly woman.
Dude, was she a wreck?
Worse, she was a train wreck.
by Stevo August 29, 2003
Brutal, agressive, and short tempered. Using high levels of testosterone and adrenaline.
If you dont stop fucking with every damn thing in my room...Im gonna go medieval on your ass!
by stevo April 02, 2004
describing someone's style
girl: "shiiiiiite.... that boy has some crazy wax... who's he tryin' to foo'??"
by stevo October 13, 2004
A master of foos ball.
You've just been schooled by apple balls!
Apple balls is on my team today.
Apple balls, you don't need any more practice.
You're such an apple balls wanna be!
by Stevo April 16, 2003

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