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45 definitions by Stevo

An exclamation instead of the "s" word
oh, Shoipers!! That hurt! Shoipers!!
by Stevo September 13, 2004
A drink consisting of Jack Daniels, Coke, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Can substitute Dr. Pepper for the Coke for Hattie. A Jack'n'Coke Float.
I got sloppy off of just one Hattio.
by Stevo July 19, 2002
When one is extremely happy, or likes something, ie stoked.
Some form of stoked.
"Whoa man, i'm so stoked i hooked that chick, she is FINE."
by Stevo September 10, 2003
Another word to describe a black person, a.k.a. a nigger.
what is that neglar doin with my tv?
by Stevo December 10, 2004
Ugly woman.
Man, that chick's a wreck!
by Stevo August 29, 2003
A girl who would be really hot if it weren't for her horrible attitude.
That hot girl's a bitch, what a buttertude.
by Stevo May 24, 2004
To take a huge shit.
"Dude, you were in there for like an hour!"

"Yeah, I blew up a Dairy Queen."
by stevo April 12, 2004