45 definitions by Stevo

something thats very awesome
"Dude! That is sweet-ass-sweet!"
by Stevo February 01, 2005
When one is extremely happy, or likes something, ie stoked.
Some form of stoked.
"Whoa man, i'm so stoked i hooked that chick, she is FINE."
by Stevo September 10, 2003
if you have a nokia phone try and type "penis" on dictionary, you'll find its known as a Remis :)
Tim's Remis is too small For Natt
by Stevo April 21, 2004
Ugly woman.
Man, that chick's a wreck!
by Stevo August 29, 2003
A girl who would be really hot if it weren't for her horrible attitude.
That hot girl's a bitch, what a buttertude.
by Stevo May 24, 2004
To take a huge shit.
"Dude, you were in there for like an hour!"

"Yeah, I blew up a Dairy Queen."
by stevo April 12, 2004
a dried up meal named after the ring of dried gravy on a diner plate after being kept warm in an oven
christ ! is that the time ?.looks like i`m in for a brown ringer when i get home.
by stevo September 23, 2003
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