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Generally pathetic or terrible.
The Yankees have gone 1-6 in their last 7 games...pretty hurting.
by stevo April 03, 2004
(UK) Vagina or minge
I bet her lady flower smells beautiful.
by stevo August 13, 2004
The first of two principles contained in the "Just War Theory," Jus Ad Bellum and Jus In Bello. Jus Ad Bellum in Latin means "The Law to War." It defines standards by which a country can declare war and maintain that their reasons were "just." The term was coined in the same era in which the League of Nations originated. However, it was not used in doctrine until the late 1940s. Its principles include a declaration of war must have a just cause, proper authority, right intention, resonable probability of success, and whose ends are proportional to the means.
Under the guildlines of Jus Ad Bellum, France and England had proper cause to declare war on Nazi Germany, who was the obvious aggresser in the second world war.
by Stevo November 10, 2004
Limerick term for a runner/sneaker/trainer
Sorry bud no tackies allowed" or "Me mouth is as dry as an Arabs tackie
by Stevo November 10, 2004
A male or female who is physically unattractive and has no personality
The mean ugly person that you can't stand
by Stevo January 01, 2005

Fuckin Ass Ripping Tripmine
holy shit was that a fart? i felt the vibes through the floor

fuck no it must have been an anal explosion from that fat dude in the pool
by STEVO November 28, 2004
A word that is used in time of stokerage (see 'stokerage')!
*Guy sees a dude do an awsome reverse air (bodyboarding move)* "SEYYY!!!!
by Stevo September 10, 2003

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