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In German the word Ja (Yes) used twice in succession means "Kiss My Ass"
American Customer: Hurry up with that beer

German Bartender: Ja Ja
by Stevo! March 31, 2009
Acronym, short for Feature Imposed By Sales, sometimes used by engineers and developers to refer to a (mostly) worthless feature added to a project by sales and marketing types to make their jobs easier, often because the product is otherwise too technically complicated for them to understand and sell. In the worst case these features actually make the final product less usable.
Windows Vista was crammed so full of F.I.B.S. that it barely ran on many of the computers it was installed on, one of many reasons people just generally thought it sucked.
by Stevo! February 22, 2014
A person too computer illiterate to understand a toggle switch in an application like a spreadsheet.
Don't the sales reps in LA know they can change the sort order on the pricing spreadsheet by toggling the column headers?

No they are a bunch of Toggle-o-dytes down there
by Stevo! November 11, 2011
The act of shooting up noobs in paintball or a first person shooter video game.
Last weekend we went paintballing and it was total mow muppets
by Stevo! December 07, 2006
Another nickname for the city of Spokane in Washington State USA. This nickname began growing in popularity when some Spokane residents began to notice similarities between their surroundings and the pictures of dusty towns in Afghanistan being shown on TV news.
I'm in Seattle for another week, then it's back to Spokanistan until June
by Stevo! January 04, 2007

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