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34 definitions by Steviedee

Any Arabic, Muslim male
Sheesh! Get a load of all those desert rats on the newsreel!
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
23 52
Yiddish: Oh help!!!!
The car just broke down again! Oy gevalt!
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
40 97
To leave tread marks in one's underwear
Ah, jeez! Dean splooted in his drawers again!
by Steviedee January 30, 2004
17 103
The armpit of the East Coast. A murderous stinkhole that you just pass on your way to DC or Philly. A place where the Velveeta is kept in the gourmet section.
That Baltimore place is better known as Shit City. Don't go, cuz you may not get out alive.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
82 193
A big nothing stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Indianoplace. Nuff said.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
101 224
Northeastern State that has more in common with New Jersey than anything else. Dull, expensive, high taxes, and generally crap.
take your shots first before you go to Maryland.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
42 220