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34 definitions by Steviedee

Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Russian: My God
I'll never get this work done! Bozhe moj!
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
22 10
Yiddish word for an annoying nag of a woman.
Oy, that Maude is such a yachneh.
by Steviedee January 15, 2004
14 2
Anyone of Latino descent. A term coined in Los Angeles. Sometimes just, "rooney."
Look at all those Spickarooneys out on the beach.
by steviedee May 21, 2004
16 6
The correct, urban way to say,"motherfucker."
'Sup, muvvafucka?
by Steviedee January 21, 2004
11 2
Yiddish: a lazy loafer
Oy, that Mike! What a loyzer!
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
8 1
Any hamburger or cheeseburger coming from White Castle. You have some, and just have enough time to get home before the runs start.
Let's go and get a bag of deathburgers from White Castle.
by steviedee August 16, 2007
8 2
The Correct, urban way to say, 'motherfucker.'
Yo! Whassup, ma-fucker?
by steviedee February 27, 2006
30 24