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Someone who farts in the bathtub and then tries to bite the bubbles
Dont let Ted use the bathtub when he visits. I heard that he is an aquachomper.
by StevieD May 04, 2007
Flatulance with a simultaneously disgusting and yet delicious fragrance that only the person who passed the gas could appreciate. A fart that has a morbidly fetid aroma that could be compared to rotting flesh.
After someone ripped a noisy fart in the elevator all of the occupants agreed that it was flatulicious. The culprit commented "um,rich"
by StevieD May 04, 2007
American nickname for the "Lady Asian Gangster". You could also call her the female version of Jin. Typically puts on a front as a college student, but in actuality spends the majority of her time working the corner next to her Trailer. In urban asian communities on he west coast, she has become a street legend for moving the product i.e. selling coke to low class townies; but she never picks her feet, and NO she is not a Wanksta. She may be bon vivant and buff at heart, but doesn’t respect that connoisseur though. Other than that, she spends way too much time mindlessly roaming the internet and dippin' and yokin her '97 civic(the asian car). Lan is super saucy, super what you not. You meet her, and you finally know what it feels like to really be poked. Oh, and peep game on the nose ring. Really, all asians are tryin' to be a Lan Nguyen.
I seen them Lan Nguyen's down in China town, like 4 foot tall, movin it out on the street, tryin' to be like the legend; but they ain't neva will be though, they all just wanna be wankstas.
by stevied February 04, 2006
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