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When you have an argument with a fuck buddy, and prevent him/her from having sex temporarily. Typically ranges from 2-4 weeks, or until the banner gets drunk and horny. Not to be confused with ending a 'friends with benefits' relationship.
"I'm so horny ... but Ray is on a hosepipe ban, so I'm just gonna have to masturbate this weekend"
#fuck buddy #blue balls #sex #dry spell #drought
by Stevie-D April 30, 2012
The Los Angeles-based clothing designer known for the juxtaposition of traditional tailoring with unconventional materials. The name "Horny Goatweed" was the designer's assumed "playa name" during the 2007 Burning Man event and the name stuck. In 2009 he established "Designs by GoatWeed" as a collaborative experiment in alternative designs for performance artists, musicians, and private clients.
That faux-fur opera coat with metal spikes looks GoatWeed.
#goatweed #fashion #design #alternative #burning man
by stevie-d February 02, 2010
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