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Aggressive kissing. Making out hardcore with short periods of breathing time.
Who Beatrice and Gerard?...Those two were sucking face all night!
by Stevie Y December 10, 2004
When the belly of an individual "dunlaps" over their belt/waistline.
Suzie had a great set of tubes, but her dunlap ruined everything.
by Stevie Y August 19, 2005
The act of ejaculating in a woman's head of hair, causing a real mess.
Ronald gave Gretchen a sperm perm on accident. Her fault though, she should have caught it with her mouth.
by Stevie Y August 12, 2005
A female that continues to give oral pleasure at no expense. One who is basically addicted to giving blow-jobs. Often enjoys swallowing semen as well.
I remember back in high school, there was this chick that gave head to like thirty dudes...bitch musta' had vacuum throat or something.
by Stevie Y June 23, 2005
An individual who loves veteran vagina, you know, the kind that hasnt had much loving for quite some time.
Franklin had a way with the women, especially the ones over 43 years of age...Thats why we dubbed him the Muff Duster.
by Stevie Y January 24, 2005
The act of two men slapping a woman (or man in a homosexual sense) in the face with two or more scrotums. Good for porn still shots, or a good laugh.
Before exploding on Cheryl's face, Henry and Aaron gave each other the signal, and then sac attacked that slut...that's what she gets for scraping with her teeth.
by Stevie Y July 19, 2005
After deficating, one wipes his/her anus and notices that the toilet paper is completely clean. No need to wipe any further, that pooper is clean.
You know I really hate it when I have a case of the squirts because the toilet paper runs out quick. But when I do get them I know a bonus wipe is just around the corner. I just say to myself, "What goes around comes around my friend, you'll be repaid in time..."
by Stevie Y December 21, 2004

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