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Someone is coming into Subway. Usually refering to a customer, but can be used in conjunction with other codes to signal the arrival of Darin. see code 9.
Code 7; Josh get out here!
by stevie September 13, 2003
A backyard game played with a rake, a nerf football, and a picnic bench.
1) Can only be played when a Weller is present.
2) If the ball is hit and caught by a fielder, all the runners on base are out, and the batter stays up.
3) After 5 strikes the batter is out.
4) After 5 balls the batter is walked.
5) If the ball is hit inbetween two fences less than a foot apart, a homerun is scored.
6) If the ball has been hit the fielders may throw the ball at the runner. If they hit the runner, the runner is out. Tie alway goes to the fielder if it is a good hit.
7) New rules can be made by Wellers.
Dude, I've had enough of this; I'm sick of raking the yard! Let's call up the Wellers and play some faceball!
by stevie September 13, 2003
a goofy or retarded person
that kid is a fuckin rocket
by Stevie February 24, 2005
something absurd or ridiculous
teacher: sit down stevie
stevie: bitch this shit is a pithy
by Stevie February 24, 2005
Darin's coming, code 3, code 3!
by stevie September 13, 2003
A word you call a white person instead of cracker
I was beat up by a gang of crumpets
by stevie April 04, 2004
A word commonly used instead of 'sex'
I 'wibbled' her all night long

Would you like to 'wibble' now?

We were 'wibbling' but then her mother cam in and joined us...*side note*I can dream!
by Stevie February 05, 2004
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