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Multi-purpose verb. Used especially in place of bodily functions, but not limited to them.
1)Man, I'll be right back, I've really got to fuscilate
2)Oh, that smells terrible! Who fuscilated?!?!
3) You better shut up or I'm gonna come over there and fuscilate you!!
4) Hey, could you fuscilate my hockey stick, it's about to fall over.
5) The telephone pole screamed as the asteroid began to fuscilate. Darin was very angry!!
by stevie September 14, 2003
the oven at Subway
Hey, that's the timer, we've got a code 5!
by stevie September 13, 2003
something that is really unique, amazing, unbelivable or, just down-right awesome
the concert last night was off the chain man

i saw joey do a 900 degree summersault of the divin board at the swimming pool, it was off the chain
by Stevie March 31, 2005
Mad jokes or crazy jokes. A person has mad cracks if his cracks on someone are mad/crazy.
Man, that boy has mad cracks.
by Stevie March 22, 2004
Are you crazy?!?! There's no such game! HAHA!
No, seriously, there is no such game!
by stevie September 16, 2003
Crap! Code 2, the cops are here!
by stevie September 13, 2003
To pull out of a a guy's ass before you ejaculate
This guy thinks I am going to cum inside him and he has another think coming. I will shoot my juicy seed all over his ass.
by Stevie March 10, 2005
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