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A person (man or woman) who enjoys partaking in the act of gulping down some nice tits. This can involve a kissing, sucking, or licking motion, or a combination of the three among other creative actions.
1. Boy Joe sure went to work on my knockers, he's a great tittygulper compared to what I've experienced.

2. All I know is...with a smile like that...he's got to be one hell of a tittygulper.
#breasts #tits #gulping #boobs #knockers
by Steveo 'Boxrammer' Smith! October 06, 2011
A man who rams boxes - or in American english, a straight man who likes to hit that shit, pussy, vagina, etc.
A man having sex with a woman, in her vagina, is a boxrammer.
#sex #vagina #box #pussy #intercourse
by Steveo 'Boxrammer' Smith! October 06, 2011
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