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1 definition by Stevenfromfloridayo

Mostly old people from up north who flock to Florida every winter just to clog up roads with way too many people, Adding horrible driving to the already ghastly driving of most Floridians. They also make it impossible to spend less than 45 min. in Wal-Mart. While the locals are wearing 5 different layers during the 2 weeks of winter, those assholes are walking around in shorts commenting on how very warm it is. On occasion some of the younger ones bring down some killer kine bud. They also call soda, pop.
I was going to go to the store to buy some munchies, but there were too many snowbirds around. Is that snowbird crazy wearing shorts, it's like 70 degrees outside?!
by Stevenfromfloridayo January 10, 2006
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