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to express 'vampire like' emotions at night clubs upon intoxication. this includes dracula style bites and blood clottin at every spot wherever possible on the female or male victims depending on the attacker's mood at that point. anti serum rarely works,victims usually crawl up outside the premises and is usually D.O.A.
SHADI 'THE BLADE' HABIB OF WINDSOR ONTARIO . last seen on may 25th 12:05 am at reactor nightclub. u just might be next.......for emergency anti serum pls call lil ja aka rule baby at 1 800 -rule..
by Steven Thomas June 06, 2004
Single word.Meaning:used in more than one context.Commonly used to measure or describe quantities or sizes of large propotions.derived from Amrit Grewal (student,mascot,inspiration).
eg:any one seen around the premises of the multi billion dollar fast food chain McDonalds more than 3 times a day.
by Steven Thomas September 30, 2004
derived from donald trump ( multi billionaire) meaning: to spend a lot of money and have a party every time u are with your good friends. not bothering about any problems and worries that life brings.
party at 588 R windsor,ontario with missasagua crew.
by Steven Thomas June 06, 2004

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