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1 definition by Steven Shaquim

a unit of time that is equal to 444 seconds or 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Related to the propper length of the song "Big Pimpin'" by the artist Jay-Z.
Refers of a point of time that occurs twice a day civilian time-- 4:44= "nig o'clock"
Also may replace any noun or verb.
"Yo, thats gonna take me 8 min and 88 sec to finnish" = "Yo, thats gonna take me 2 nigs to finish"
Also may replace any noun:
"yo, you changed your hair today!" = "yo, you changed yor nig today!"
is used less commonly as a verb:
"Dude, let's conquer that shit!" = "Dude, let's nig that shit!"
by Steven Shaquim August 21, 2007
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