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A word that can either be used as a negative or positive term. It can be used against small people, big people, fat, skinny, or any race. In the negative terminology it usually means a person who is being annoying or getting on someones nerves. It cannot be used in public in negative terms, only privately, and is not allowed on TV, Radio, or any social media. On the positive side, it be used on someone that has just done something hilarious or joyful, or on someone who did something outstanding and mind-blowing.

Wow! Look at Steve go! He's such a Rangus Bangus!
No way, did Steven just pull a Rangus Bangus type of move!

Steve is such a Rangus Bangus, always getting on my nerves!
Steven just said the RB (Rangus Bangus) word in public!
by Steven Rangus Bangus May 27, 2013
The word "Classic" means a recognized example of something widely known. If a friend or person you know, does something that he has done before, then its a classic. To point out the classic example then say Cla- (Then the persons name). It shows the person that he has done this a number of times and it is widely known. It can also be used to show someone that what he/she has done a bunch of times is irking them.
Rule: If the name is shorter than 4 letters, then use the whole name when noted to insert. If the name is too long, then cut the name in half, and only put the second half of the name when told to insert.

Jeremy: Wow, such a "cleremy" moment right there!
Tal: Clatal!
If the name is Rangus, then take "Cla- (Insert Name Here)" and insert "ngus". This results in the word "Clangus", which is a widely know word.
by Steven Rangus Bangus May 27, 2013

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