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A weapon in which are shaped into a knuckle that allows you to place 4 fingers into it's holes. Made entirely of brass and are to improve the power of a punch. Often a rolling punch is required. And correct finger hold to avoid finger breakage or injury to fingers might be needed.

First seen the most of was in the world war (but co existed before that and the original creator to this day hides only behind thoeries). Brass knuckles were first welded on to a combat / assassin knife handle. Later on it became it's own seperate individual piece of weapon without a knife, so it's said.

They have been used over the last century for hand to hand combat in the war, for defense and attack, to torture (as some come with spikes and studs that date back to the early 20s). And in to this day and age used by gang members, and other troubled individuals. Or often used for self defense by certain people who think that's something smart to do.

Real brass knuckles aren't the kind you see lying around today that are made of alloy and other cheap metals, often referred to as "second rate metal knuckles", but real brass knuckles are made of solid brass and weigh anywhere from 10 oz and up and are harder to find and get now a day's and have a price tag to usually match that.

Real brass knuckles have costed lives with one hit. Brass knuckles are highly against the law usually resulting in a class a or b misdemeanor, which means 6 months to a year in county jail if just caught with them, plus a fine. But it depends on the enforcer. Few get off with warning's. If you strike somebody with brass knuckles or intend to, it is assault with a deadly weapon, or attempted murder, both felonies.

Brass knuckles have proven to be highly deadly weapons if in the wrong hands as some come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually as painfull as they look to get struck by one. They may break or shatter bones. Though often second rate metal knuckles are generally less powerful than there brass predocessor unless they are heavy (7.0 oz or more) and / or big (fat boy knuckles), needless to say.

Extreme sharp spiked knuckles second rate or not may cause a brutal bodily injury leaving somebody without much of a face if used repatively by the attacker.

Brass knuckles are often referred to as paper weights now a day's to avoid legal issues.

Second rate knuckles can be found in your nearest self defense online store.

Very hard plastic knuckles with bumpers can also bring a punch but are less so affective than there metal predocessors, needless to say. They to are also illegal in most places now a day's. They too can injure your fingers.

Carrying brass knuckles is a bad idea, an alternative to keeping a gun at home may be brass knuckles however, or SAP gloves, which are gloves that law enforcers use for there larger or drugged out suspects. They have metal BBs sewed and weaved into the knuckles and are made of punishing leather and are often more concealable than brass knuckles. They to can bust open faces.

There is also bottle opener knuckles, which can open bottles forreals hence the name, and require two fingers instead of 4 and are half the weight and size of regular metal knuckle, I have yet to see these in brass. They have "teeth" at the top of the knuckle. And can be fairly labeled as "compact jaw breakers".
"Check it out man, I got some brass knuckles!" 'Man first of all those are Not real brass knuckles there second rate knuckles, second of all your stupid because if you get caught you'll be in big trouble over some stupid piece of metal, third of all your a wussy that can't use your hands because anybody can pick up and use a weapon for a typical fight. Brass knuckles dont make you look like a bad ass they make you look like a fuckin loser.'
by Steven Orth December 27, 2006
(1) It may cover girl friends or wives, but it means any type of situation that envolves females in general. Therefore It has several seperate meanings, but the foundation of it is a male allowing himself to be controlled by females or a certain female.

He may be lacking many thing's including his self confidence, he may become controlled by females in relationships too easily or even not in relationships, he may believe that only females get to choose which males they want for relationships or seduction wise, he may go for "any" woman, he may act too nervous around females, he may be a "nice guy", he may feel inferior to females, he might be insecure with his own woman for no particular reason, and the list goes on.

Pussy Whipped generally covers a broad range mixture of low self esteem, insecurities, a possible superior look at woman to some degree or another, and low self confidence. It might come in conflict with being who he is if it is a severe case, and the impact might lead to negative paths in his daily life.

He will often realize later on the only way to stop getting pussy whipped is to notice that he is being such and by taking positive action by being a positive, self confident, independent thinker, master of himself individual, which he will learn comes from within, not from without.

(2) A females pussy being whipped for pleasure for sexual domination and submission.

(3) A serial killer / homicidal maniac with acute psychosis and extreme turn on by causing harm to another individual, thus might include more severe whipping to a females pussy for torement.
(1) Damn man, I see how you are acting with females, your letting yourself become too pussy whipped. Respect, but don't get so pussy whipped, show some self confidence and your own individuality.

(2) Let me tie you up and whip your pussy baby.

(3) You hear about the latest serial killer and what that asshole did to his latest victem? That poor girl.
by Steven Orth December 26, 2006

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