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Comes from the Indian Culture. Usually a smart Indian person, who knows everything.
You're white, you can't be Nishu.
by Steven Hawking October 18, 2004
Ze Lifeforce. WD 40 is the multipurpose lubricant in a can. It can be purchased in a vast array of sizes, from the small home-use bottle to massive industrial size. Recommended for anything that doesn't move, but should, not recommended for use as a cooking spray. Also handy for fine tuning flame thrower abilities.
"The Cheat! Bring me my WD40! And a Danish!"
by Steven Hawking February 14, 2004
Extra ordinarily brilliant and funny, Rini is something most guys should be like. Most girls are attracted to Rinis.
I wish I could be like Rini, and get all the girls.
by Steven Hawking October 18, 2004
a little fag who uses other people emails...
Don't be such a ANANT K-rod!
by Steven Hawking October 20, 2004
rude little fuck who dribbles a lot and knows stuff about stuff which may or may not be real
"your such a steven hawking. omgwtfbbq!"
"god i wish steven hawking would just **** his ****ing ********** down a cliff!"
by steven hawking April 19, 2005

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