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A hand motion that is used in a situation when someone has made a comment inappropriate to the setting or conversation. Its usage is similar to awkward turtle, and it is comprised of a hand raised so that the elbow, shoulder and wrist form 90 degree angles and the palm faces downward.
In a classroom:
Person 1: There are a lot of homosexuals there.
Person 2: Um...
Person 3 raises hand to make the inappropriate giraffe.

In a conversation:
Person 1 makes a lewd comment or gesture.
Person 2 makes inappropriate giraffe.
#inapropriate #inappropriate #hand gestures #jiraffe #girafe #giraffe
by Steven C. Wood April 20, 2007
1. Term used by a heterosexual or homophobe to indicate that someone is homosexual. See wide stance
2. Indicates that someone is / is not a member of a social or political group that the speaker belongs to.
1. The guys on Queer Eye deffinetly don't play for our team.
2. Those communists don't play for our team.
#wide stance #gay #wrong #incorrect #homosexual
by Steven C. Wood October 13, 2007
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