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When a male is travelling down a water slide and somehow the genitalia suddenly reverse direction and become crushed under the body. The genitalia then proceed to experience extreme friction for the rest of the ride. This is somewhat surprising.
Ricardo was travelling down the slide and suddenly he had an expression of anguish because of waterslide surprise
by Steven Brinks December 02, 2006
A Ukrainian dumpling somewhat like its Polak counterpart the "perogie", only much better.
Oh man, those perogies were shit, but I went to get some pyrohy and they were so much better because they were made by Ukrainians.
by Steven Brinks December 03, 2006
1)(adjective) something that is thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group

2)(verb) to gutless - the act of disadvantaging another person or group.

3) (noun) an act which was thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group
1) That was a really hard and uncalled for pop-quiz. It was such a gutless quiz.

2) Merlino gutlessed us. He left without us.

3) Jimmy pulled a gutless. He took all our money and left.
by Steven Brinks December 02, 2006
An acronym for: "You Crave Cock"

Used when referring to a rich male who thinks he is classy, when really he is just acting gay, hence craving cock.

The acronym was derived from a private high-school in Toronto where several cases of student molestation by teachers occured as well as consentual male sex. The school's name was UCC or Upper Canada College. After the school closed due to this constant outrageous conduct, the acronym was changed to mean "You Crave Cock". The term, UCC is now in common slang useage in the province of Ontario, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.
That homosexual WASP lives in Forest Hill and thinks he is better than everyone else. He's so UCC!
by Steven Brinks December 03, 2006

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