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Means that someone is so intoxicated (usually with alcahol) that they lose control over their bodily functions and deficate themselves.
Me : Oh my god did you see Gordon at the party last night, the guy shit himself after being refused at the bar!
Friend : Yeh, he was shit wankered alright, what a total idiot.
by Steven Bell April 08, 2008
Someone who likes to have oral sex with women who have pubes or alot of pubic hair.
Hey Simon told me he licked Carla's pussy like there was no tomorrow, seriously he did, he's a total fringelicker!
by Steven Bell March 03, 2008
A man who tries too hard to attract women. He is strong and masculine and ladies like him but he always spoils the mood with his high expectations, egotism and general vulgarity.
Hey Janey, stay away from that guy, I spoke to him for like 5 mins and he hinted about sex, he's a maximus desperadius verillias!
by Steven Bell March 03, 2008

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