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This word comes from a combination of /dev/nul and flux. The root word 'nul' is considered to translate to 'void' or 'absence'. 'Flux' can have different meanings depending on context but in this definition it most closely resembles 'change' or 'modification'. Therefore the combined meaning of the word 'nulflux' is: The absence or void of change; static.

This term was first used by Steven A. Hammock to describe the unfaltering hate he harbors for his stepfather.
"The hatred inside me is in a state of constant nulflux. It never changes."
by Steven A. Hammock January 05, 2005
A certainly painful condition caused by the violent bending or twisting of a mans penis. This usually occurs when the penis inadvertantly slips out of a womens vagina while she is on top thrusting downwards during intercourse.
I'm sorry babe but I can't have sex for a couple of days because you gave me wobbledick last night.
by Steven A. Hammock January 07, 2005
To semicrastinate is to be habitually on time.
If a concrastinator is habitually early and a procrastinator habitually late, who arrives on time? A semicrastinator.

"Several important meetings tomorrow require semicrastinate attendance."
by Steven A. Hammock November 10, 2005
This title refers to someone who has enormous amounts of technical knowledge and can be considered a master of his domain. More specifically this title refers to an expert computer programmer.
As a last resort the software engineering department called in their regional bitmaster to help eradicate the bugs in their application.
by Steven A. Hammock January 07, 2005
The act of relieving constipation by inserting several lubricated fingers into ones anus.
I was forced to appendananus to relieve the pain associated with my stoppage.
by Steven A. Hammock January 07, 2005

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