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greeny brown looking substance. Found on school walls and Marcs teeth.
Marc has full the scungiest teeth ever and he likes to root Tim.
by Steven July 08, 2004
Neither a boy or a girl...perhaps a girl-boy hybrid.

Either a boy who looks like a girl, or a girl who looks like a boy. The difference is often very hard to tell.

Taken from the root of "muchacho" and "muchacha."
Well he's a muchach.....muchach......he's a muchach.
by Steven April 29, 2004
The animal Jesus rode into Jerusalem on.
Here comes Jesus riding on a donkey. Hosanna, hosanna. Hosanna to the King!
by Steven March 03, 2004
The energy God gives us humans to live and walk around. With lots of practice, your chi can also be felt when emmiting an aura (no, not like the guys in Dragon Ball Z/GT do, but sort of like it).
You have a very weak Chi indeed (yes man, I'm callin you weak and slow).
by Steven March 03, 2004
the name for steven
hello there burdedge
by steven March 31, 2004
a game played usually by druggies, hippies, overall ne'erdowells. a game where u kick a ball, usually filled with pellets, and try to not let it hit the ground. there is freestylin hacky-sacking, net-hacking, and many other variations.
dude u wanna hack?

lets kick the hacky-sack around a while.
by steven December 08, 2003
used when sumthing is great but u have to put a dude at the end of the sentence!
that is narley dude!!!
by steven March 15, 2005
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