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193 definitions by Steven

l337357 FUX0R1NG C4R 0N 74H R04D
man, shit i was beaten again by an rsx
by steven June 01, 2003
German in style, maybe a little goth, perhaps rude, and way too goddamn cool for you. Best characterized by the band Interpol.
Ew, Interpol is SO scheiße chic, I hate/love them.
by steven October 14, 2004
A place in a metal concert where people push/run into each other in a large circle.

Not to be confused with the "Windmill Freaks/Kung-Fu Wannabes" Who intentionally throw their arms around with the intention of giving someone a black eye.
Slayer Pits are the most brutal, because the shit that Hatebreed fans do are just wannabe riot acts.
by Steven December 23, 2003
a big geek who coughs and stays up all night
"yo why doesn't she sleep"
"cuz, she's a bm3lilbirds"
"oh i gotcha"
by Steven February 26, 2003
After freezing ones poopies, you take the frozen log and insert it into ones anal. After it thawes you spread on penis and use as lubrication.
Would you insert my frozen snicker in me.
by Steven October 06, 2004
Neither a boy or a girl...perhaps a girl-boy hybrid.

Either a boy who looks like a girl, or a girl who looks like a boy. The difference is often very hard to tell.

Taken from the root of "muchacho" and "muchacha."
Well he's a muchach.....muchach......he's a muchach.
by Steven April 29, 2004
you jackasses, in some parts of the east coast chronic means weed laced with coke. you may not have heard of it, but it exist.
I smoked some chronic and ran on the highway and punched cars.
by Steven September 08, 2003