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It means when your playin a fps game example: counter strike You kill so much to the point where everytime you kill someone you love it
Yo dude That was a fragalacious kill he had a pistol i had a ak-47!!!!!
by Steven August 29, 2004
One who is "on the other team" so to speak.

A type of person who would have enjoyed living under British rule and would have protested fighting for independence.

One who does not understand, Saddam was killing men, women, and children to terrorize his people. The men, women, and children we are killing are cassualties and the reason is that we want some stability in the Middle East. We want to see a free Iraq.

A very simple-minded person who just loves being the "freedom fighter" when in fact all they are doing is holding freedom back - and allowing tyranical regimes like the Hussein regime to stay in power.
Hey look at that anti-war protester! How cute!
by Steven July 11, 2004
another word for boobs
those girls gamboes are huge
by steven June 21, 2004
get on my fat as fuck italian sasuage now trick ass bitch
"Lets go to a strip club and get some sluts to gomfafisntab"
by steven August 05, 2003
Mexican. Mexicans are janitors and use mops a lot
There is always a mop jocket in the office after hours to clean shit up
by Steven February 16, 2003
Steven pwned you!
Yo sKb what's up!?!
by Steven April 08, 2004
Pre grog bog, a bog taken before a big nights drinking see AGB

we should have some beers after i do a PGB
we should have some beers after i do a PGB
by steven November 15, 2003

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